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Published 22 June 2016

You are on an older version of Ubuntu and you want to migrate to a higher version by making a system recovery but do not want to lose YOUR DATA.

For example :

  • Your web historic navigator (MozillaFirefox, Chromium, Chrome, ….);
  • Your personal data;
  • Your application historic (qbtorrent, CodeBlocks, FileZila, …..);
  • And many other even your terminal historic.

Do not be afraid to do that you could do a backup and recovery, and it does not take much.

Here are the steps to follow:


To start go in the System Settings under System and select Backup

System settings

Once in backups you have another pop-up window with a sidebar.

In it you go find the following topics:

  • Overview: In this sections you’ll find two button one for the restoration and the other backup. If it’s the first time you’ll see it will be written no recent level backup at restore  and No scheduled backup at Start Backup….. and if not the first time he will be writing something else instead.

system settings

System settings

  • Records recording: In this sections you’ll choose which folder to save by clicking on the plus sign to do but it is better to leave the default because it takes all your personal files starting with  /home /user.

System Settings

System settngs

  • files to ignore: In this sections you choose which folder to ignore by clicking the plus sign to make a choice and by default we have the Trash folder and download folder.

System settings

System settngs

  • Storage Location: In this section you choose the location where you do your backup vouler specifying the disk.

P.S : You must create a directory in the backup location and then writes the directory name in the Folder field.

System settings

  • Planning: In this section you will plan an immediate backup or an automatic backup for every week or every day if you migrate in a new system.

System settings

After spending specify the steps above you can now return to the first (Overview) and click start the backup you’ll see a new window that asks you to protect your backup with a password or no protection.

System settings

And subsequently click Continue the system first will do an analysis before the start backup.

System settings


To start the restoration it’s simple, go you follow the previous steps and choose this time restore and go you have a window appears asking for a source like options.

System settings

After you click  Next and the system will search for the backup location

System settings

After the system have found the backup location it displays the date that the backup was made.

System settings


After that, click next and you will be asked where to restore the files in either their original locations or to a specific folder I advise you to leave their original locations because with that everything will be put in his place.

P.S : When reinstalling the system the user name must be identical otherwise you will have access problems with some files.

System settings

After that click Next you will have a summary of all before starting the restore.

System settings

And now you can restore your data


Thank you and remain always with a nh Rootandadmin

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