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Published 28 June 2016

Do you have a favorite MVA course that you’d like to share? Or maybe you want your IT team or students to complete a particular MVA training. Either way, you’re in luck! Now, you can embed MVA videos and courses on your own site, blog, or other online destination.

From coding for Developers (cloud, games, apps, and web) to configuration and deployment details for IT Pros (enterprise security, mobility, and more), you can share MVA content with your audience, employees, user groups, and others. If you’re a teacher, you can post coding courses for your students and learning resources for your fellow instructors.

When you embed a video, you’ll see navigation tabs for the player, the course description, and sharing.

The great news is that it’s easy. To embed a video, use the Share feature to copy the HTML markup.

Here’s what looks like!

You have the flexibility to embed a single video (like the example above) or a full course. To embed the full course, remove the portion of the embed code that refers to the specific video. In the example above that would be: /Video-Installing-and-Using-the-Template-10-Project-Templates-Part-1-R3bBb1LRC_4305918554

iframe src=”″ width=”636″ height=”480″ allowFullScreen frameBorder=”0″></iframe

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